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Chapter President

Currently Riding: 2017 Silver Smoke Chieftain

I found my love for riding when I crashed my buddy’s Honda 50 into a wire fence on his farm, when I was 8 years old. I thought man, I can go fast without pedaling. That was it- I was hooked!
I couldn’t get enough of the freedom I felt when riding motorbikes.
I bought my first street bike in 1995, a 1989 Yamaha FJ 600. It opened up a new world of riding! There was nothing like being on the open road on a beautiful day. To me, it was the closest feeling of flying without leaving the ground. If I had a challenging day at work, it was riding that kept me grounded and at peace. Wind therapy was real for me.
In 2014, I bought my first Indian motorcycle from Jay, our own sponsoring dealer representative, a 2014 Indian Red Chieftain and joined IMRG 1904 where I met a fantastic group of likeminded people, with the same passion for riding!
I became the IMRG 1904 Membership Director in 2019, and was elected President in 2022. These roles have allowed me to get to know our current and prospective members as they joined our group. What an amazing group of riders! As one of the Inaugural Members, I have watched this group develop from a small handful of enthusiastic riders to what has now become one of the most respected chapters in North America. I have learned so much and appreciate input from all previous executive members, and all of our members with us today. The learning will never stop, and I am focused on keeping this incredible cohesive group, working closely with Kids With Cancer Society and promoting safe riding to all members!

Fun fact, as a young guy, to make a little extra cash while I was going to NAIT, I taught country dancing at Longriders bar in Edmonton and Jack Daniels bar in Spruce Grove.


Chapter Vice President

Currently Riding: 2020 Chieftain Limited

I started riding motorcycles from a very young age on a Y-zinger 50. I got my first street bike (Yamaha 400 Heritage Special) at age 16 and never looked back. I have always loved riding and in 2021 I bought my first Indian. I then immediately joined IMRG1904, to find a group full of great people, who also love to ride Indian motorcycles.
I became Safety Officer in 2021, and found that I really enjoyed playing a part in helping new riders increase their expertise, ride safely and have fun doing it! In the 2022 riding season, the opportunity came up to put my name forward for Vice President, of chapter 1904, and I jumped at the chance to be more involved in the group I love!
One of the great unexpected rewards of IMRG1904 is the work we do for our Charity – The Kids With Cancer Society. It has been such a wonderful experience to help these families, in some small way, as they face some of life’s biggest challenges. One of my favorite memories, with our 1904 group, was helping out at a Kids with Cancer event and they asked if I would stand in as a “mean looking biker” for some of the family portraits. Once I agreed, they put me in a pink tutu and had me pose on a flowered swing! Anything for the kids, and to see them smile….. Lol.
A fun fact about me, in 2021 I got my temporary marriage commissioner license and performed the ceremony for my nephew’s wedding!
Being a member and now serving as Vice President has been a great experience and keeps on getting better. Thank you IMRG1904!



Road Director.
Currently Riding: 2019 Indian Roadmaster

What brought me to the group was my passion for riding motorcycles and wanting to meet others who have the same passion to ride. Joining IMRG 1904 and shortly thereafter becoming an Executive Officer, Road Director, allowed me to connect and build group comradery, while organizing fun, safe rides that are inclusive to everyone!
My favorite IMRG memory to date, actually I have so many great memories of rides, but the ones that stand out the most, are the ones where the group comes together and raises money for our charity, Kids with Cancer Society. Giving back to the community, in this positive way, is truly what the IMRG 1904 stands for.
About me, fun fact, when I ride, I love to have classic rock and roll tunes playing, this brings me back to my high school days in Ontario where I had the loudest sound system in a car. One day, my Vice Principal told me to turn my music off or keep it down while on my spare in the parking lot. Eventually I was told to move the car off school property as I was bothering the entire school of about 250 students with the loud music, I would like to note, most of the students really enjoyed the rock n roll show!! It got even better. I backed my 1976 Honda Civic into an adjoining parking lot in which the building had sheet metal for walls, I opened my rear hatch of my Civic and gave them a real taste of some Black Sabbath’s Paranoid, Sweet Leaf ,Triumphs Rock and Roll Machine amongst others…I guess that was the final straw as the School called the Police who came and had a chat with me and then the Vice Principal gave me a 3 day suspension, which I graciously accepted as it was early fall, I responded with AWESOME now I have 3 days off for dirt bike riding, hunting and fishing !!!



Road Officer.
Profile coming soon.


Membership Director
Currently Riding: 2020 Scout 60 and 2019 Chieftain Classic

I first joined IMRG 1904 after I bought my Scout 60 from Cycle Works. I came as an inexperienced, new rider. I was looking for someone to ride with. After joining IMRG, I improved my riding a lot (that’s what I think, lol). I find that the people from the group are amazing, supportive, friendly, always willing to help and a huge part of my improvement as a rider! Joining the group seriously changed my life, which is why I wanted to be a part of
As a fairly new member, I was nominated and became an Executive Officer. I am so proud of this because of the amazing work this group does for riders and our affiliated charity, the Kids With Cancer Society. Welcoming new members will become a big focus for me this year and I am up to the challenge! I want everyone, interested in our group, to feel as welcome as I did.
Fun fact about me, I love to joke, a lot! Making people laugh is a joy to me, and it’s not that hard especially with my language knowledge and unique use of it! I can easily fit in and get along with different kinds of people and personalities. Our group has a place for everyone. I will be here to help welcome you and we will laugh along the ride!



Activities Director
Currently Riding: 2018 Scout Sixty

I joined IMRG 1904 back in June 2021, when I became a passenger on hubby’s bike. I wanted to be able to be included in group rides and events. After joining our group, I wanted to become more involved in supporting the activities that our group planned for our riders and community partners. My goal, for myself and the group, is to be a good activities director for the group, by planning fun events where every member and potential new member feels welcomed, has fun and can see what we are all about!
I love all the memories I’m making with our IMRG members and am always looking for new ways to bring our riders together, to build new memories riding and supporting our affiliated charity, The Kids With Cancer Society.
Fun fact about me, well there is one fun fact that I likely shouldn’t share with strangers hahaha. So, let’s stick with this one – I have 21 birds in my household 🙂


Currently Seeking Officer.


Currently Riding: 2021 Challenger Limited

In the summer of 2019, I bought my first Indian motorcycle. Shortly after, I started riding with IMRG 1904 and wished I had done it sooner. I’ve had a blast making all kinds of new friends.
To support the functioning of our group, I accepted the nomination and became our current Treasurer in 2022. I hope to offer a steady hand to manage our fundraising and finances.
My favorite memory with IMRG 1904, to date, has been the two Ranch rides I have been on. Both were absolutely fantastic, and I am looking forward to attending again this fall! I love big group rides like that.
Fun fact about me, while I have an obvious love of motorcycles, I have a wide variety of other hobbies. One of my favorites is to travel to other cites to attend board game conventions!



Chapter Editor
Currently Seeking Officer.


Web Director
Coming soon

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