First-Aid Kit Showcase

Hi All!

As though those who know us already know, we are a group of riders that love to ride!! We ride all distances and have encountered every unexpected act of nature! Keeping our riders safe in the event of an emergency is more important than any single other thing we do as a group. Our group has taken on many important safety initiatives to make sure that we are always prepared to enjoy the ride, and we’ve all been on those rides when all the unexpected seems to happen!!

This summer, we leveled up our safety game by being the FIRST IMRG group to develop an innovative, riders-specific first-aid kit that was conceptualized and brought forward by our own 1904 Dealer Rep, Jay Padilla of Cycleworks Edmonton, who wanted to create a unique member gift that would be a true value-add to our members!! And these first-aid kits are branded to our group IMRG 1904, Edmonton Chapter! Every renewing member received this kit as a gift to keep in their bike, in the case of an emergency, or even just to have the essential medical items to make our rides safe and comfortable. You never know when a bandaid or tensor bandage might come in super handy!!

We have a limited number of first-aid kits for sale, and if you are interested in purchasing one, please connect with our Vice President Rob Muylk, who can hook you up! 

Be safe and enjoy the ride 🙂


IMRG 1904 Editor