In the beginning…

imrg Marh 2020In the beginning…

Another year has begun for Chapter 1904 of Edmonton.  We celebrated our 6th Anniversary with brunch and as I looked around the room it dawned on me just how diverse our group really is.  From my perspective I saw green to novice to practically professional riders, guys and gals, young and dare I say old, but most of all it’s growth and friendships.

We enter this year with executives that have previously been an executive in a different position, new members filling executive positions, seasoned members from our inception, and those who made their first appearance at the brunch.  We also enter this year with a renewed vision for the group.  Thanks to a survey that was delivered to members in the fall of last season, it created a sense of grounding and getting back to the basics.

Our past years have seen us learning how a group can operate and the responsibilities of executive members, which as pioneers in Canada and internationally, was a huge undertaking in itself.  We have participated in fund raising via Poker Runs, the first was done solely by our group in July 2015 and since 2016 via Blackjacks Roadhouse in Nisku Alberta.  We have also had a couple of Show and Shines at Blackjacks that were very well received despite the risk of various weather anomalies presenting themselves.  Plus we have been recognized as the top motorcycle group that has donated to the Kids with Cancer Foundation.  Personally, I feel the greatest achievement these past couple of seasons has been the Western Canadian IMRG Celebration.  Bringing together the common love of riding with fellow members in Western Canada and the North Western United States was truly the epitome of what we are all about.  

Getting back to basics after having evolved as much as we have also requires some creativity.  The ideas and opinions collected by those of you who took the time for the survey have been considered and pondered over this past winter.  The overall consensus – Let’s Ride.  More day trips, overnight trips, barbeques and family gatherings, breakfast, brunch, lunch, and supper.  You name it, plan it, put it out there on FB, at a meeting, and members will join in.  Let’s continue to all be involved in some form or another, even if all you can do is say hello.

It warms my heart to think about how much this group has influenced me.  I’ve grown as a rider (yes I have), a passenger, a group member, and even as an individual.  We have influenced each other and the riding community near and far.  It’s going to be another fantastic year of “freedom” and new adventures around every S bend (or pothole to start).  Stay safe, stay strong, stay home and get your bikes ready for riding season during the unprecedented times we are in so we can all ride on!

Janice Pocatello